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DownBeat Article, May 2018!! 

Beyond excited to share this news with you. I've had my first published article, and it's in DownBeat Magazine no less! The May 2018 (click here) issue contains an in-depth look into the research and transformation of the first track on "The Better Angels of Our Nature." Don't worry you'll find the article, there's a giant photo of me on page 67 that reads "Brian McCarthy weaves past into present." The full article is pages 72-74 titled "Finding The Better Angels of Our Nature." Hope you'll get a chance to…

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"Codex" Album Update 

"Codex" is progressing...the album release date/show is December 2nd at The Flynn Center for Performing Arts in Burlington, VT. Unstoppable force, meets immovable date...oh, also, the album mixes are KILLIN!


Ray Vega with Strings...!? 

Working on an incredible project right now with my man, and (now!) fellow Truth Revolution artist, Ray Vega. Combining his sound and songs with a full string orchestra...yeah, you'll want to stay tuned for this event.

Better Angels...Prepare! 

Be on the lookout, The Better Angels of Our Nature will be releasing in June on a wonderful record label I've very excited and proud to be a part of...the award winning Truth Revolution Recording Collective. Full steam ahead!

Better Angels...Exciting News Coming! 

Stay tuned for (yet) more developments with The Better Angels of Our Nature. I know I keep saying "exciting news," but generally with this project is pretty exciting!