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WE DID IT!! Three incredible days at Guilford Sound in Vermont (USA). AFTER|LIFE is now fully recorded, but there's still a lot of work left. Please sign up for the email list to stay up to date with the progress, and we'll need your help to get the project through the finish line...but (not so small) victories are to be celebrated. Over two years of waiting to record. The band was truly amazing, and sacrificed their time and bodies to make this happen. We did get hit by a Covid outbreak after the recording, some of us had it rough, but came out of it all okay! 

Now...we keep on keepin' on to the next step, I hope you'll help us get there!



Covid is still hounding me and my people. We'll be back though, postponement till Fall 2022


...a jazz album that makes a cavernous impression for its arresting beauty and conceptual brilliance. 4.5 stars”

— Brian Zimmerman, Downbeat Magazine

Wholly unexpected and terrific”

— Jeff Simon, Buffalo News