The Better Angels of Our Nature

"Layered, textural, and complex...out of this world"
- Steve MacQueen, Artistic Director, Flynn Center

Creation Grant recipient from the Vermont Arts Council, McCarthy brings to life The Better Angels of Our Nature; a concert program that re-imagines music and events from the American Civil War through the artistic language of jazz. This 9-piece ensemble also brings together a diverse group of musicians (age, gender, race, disability) and provides all the power and color of a big band, while maintaining the intimacy of a small group.

"The Better Angels of Our Nature" is a quote from Lincoln in his first inaugural address, in which he pleaded to both Union and what would become the Confederacy to avoid conflict with one-another. Though his plea was unsuccessful, this horrific conflict wiped the American stage clean, eventually turning oppression into a flourishing artistic culture. Out of this devastating war arose one of Lincoln’s “Better Angels,” the original American art form of Jazz. 

After a successful Kickstarter Campaign the group recorded a full-length album this summer. The album is set to release June 2017 on Truth Revolution Records, with publicity support from Ann Braithwaite. 
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(New England States Touring Grant)

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New England States Touring program of the New England Foundation for the Arts.
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Bill Mobley - trumpet/flugelhorn / Cameron MacManus - trombone / Brian McCarthy - Alto/Soprano Sax / Daniel Ian Smith - Tenor/Soprano Sax / Stantawn Kendrick - Tenor Sax / Linda LIttle - Baritone Sax   Justin Kauflin - Piano / Matt Aronoff - Bass / Zach Harmon - Drums

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Audio Engineering by Chuck Eller          Video by Ken French